Criminal Lawyers Birmingham

We take pride in our business to give you the best possible outcome to suit your situation. Our trained solicitors are on duty 24 hours a day and have vast experience in giving you the guidance you need.

Police Station Representation

A true 24 hour a day service provided throughout the year where our fully qualified solicitors will be in attendance to represent your interests and needs against any allegation made against you. We guarantee to be in attendance assuming possible when notified by the police that they are ready for interview. All our solicitors have the experience and expertise to advise you during this very important stage of your case.

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Magistrates’ Court

We have a full contingent of very experienced solicitors and higher courts advocates who will represent your needs at court. We will offer you clear and concise advice and fully prepare your case and represent your interests at court.

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Crown Court

We have a team of accomplished solicitors and higher courts advocates who can represent your interests. Our position in the market enables us to have unrestricted access to any barrister in the country to represent you at court. We have represented all manner of cases from assaults to murder and theft to complex frauds. We have access to an elite panel of experts who can prepare reports and present evidence before the court on your behalf.

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Court of Appeal

Our wealth of experience enables us to clearly identify cases that should and ought to be appealed. We will arrange for full advice to be prepared by counsel as to the merits of an appeal. We will prepare the necessary paperwork to lodge your appeal.

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Motoring Offences

If you are required to attend court for motoring offences. Mandla Bhomra & Co can advise you on any road traffic law offences. Our experienced lawyers are available to represent you before the courts in the UK in relation to your case. We realise that your driving licence is an important part of your daily life, especially if you require it for your job.

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