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    Magistrates’ Court

    We have a full contingent of very experienced solicitors and higher courts advocates who will represent your needs at court. We will offer you clear and concise advice and fully prepare your case and represent your interests at court.

    Summary Only Offences

    A Summary Offence is an offence that can only be dealt with in a Magistrates Court. These include motoring offences, less serious assault and other regulatory offences. This might include minor criminal damage, common assault and most motoring offences. Despite being regarded as less serious offences, they still carry the risk of substantial penalties and possible custodial sentences. Courts can be intimidating places and it’s vital that you have professional legal representation throughout the process. Contact Mandla Bhomra today for confidential advice.

    Either Way Offences

    If you are summonsed to appear in a Magistrates Court on an Either Way Offence, it’s important that you have an experienced legal advisor as early as possible and throughout the court process. Either Way Offences can include actual bodily harm, wounding (not with intent), theft, burglary and more serious assaults. The magistrate will decide if the case is too serious for them to deal with and if they have sufficient sentencing powers if they plead or are found guilty.

    Indictable Only Offences

    Indictable offences are the most serious offences and will include such crimes as rape, murder, and serious robbery. The first hearing of an indictable offence will take place at the Magistrates Court. Often in these cases, the police have refused to grant bail to court and this hearing is often from custody. A skilled advocate is essential to make a bail application on your behalf. They will also take care of any work prior to the hearing to prepare for the bail application.

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