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    Court of Appeal

    Our wealth of experience enables us to clearly identify cases that should and ought to be appealed. We will arrange for full advice to be prepared by counsel as to the merits of an appeal. We will prepare the necessary paperwork to lodge your appeal.

    Grounds of appeal against a criminal conviction

    If you believe you have grounds for appeal against a criminal conviction, Mandla Bhomra can help. This might include poor representation at the trial; mistakes or misconduct of the trial judge; jury Irregularities; bias; inconsistent verdicts; or disclosure issues. The most common basis is fresh evidence. We look at all the circumstances of your case and build a full and strong argument for an appeal. We will provide expert advice and guidance throughout the process. Our experienced criminal appeals specialists will give you the best chance of success in the Court of Appeal. For confidential and impartial advice, contact our experienced team today.

    Fresh evidence for grounds of appeal

    In order to determine if a conviction is unsafe, the Court of Appeal has an overriding power to admit fresh evidence where it is necessary or expedient in the interests of justice. If you believe that evidence that has emerged since your conviction undermines the basis of that conviction, then you may have ground to appeal. Our experienced criminal appeals specialists will examine your evidence, identify any points that may be helpful and help you have the best possible chance of success. If you believe that fresh evidence undermines the basis of your conviction and would like to learn more about our services, contact us today.

    Appealing a conviction due to poor legal representation

    The Court of Appeal has made it clear that only in extreme circumstances will they allow an appeal as a result of bad legal representation. You will need to show that not only were the legal team incompetent but this incompetence led to identifiable issues in the trial which, in turn, made your conviction unsafe. It may be possible to appeal your conviction if you believe and can demonstrate that you didn’t receive the appropriate legal advice and representation. This might be because an important point of law wasn’t explored, or particular details of a case were missed or ignored. If you believe that you received poor legal representation and may have grounds for appeal, then the experienced team at Mandla Bhomra can help. Contact us today for impartial and confidential advice.

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