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    Police Station Representation

    A true 24 hour a day service provided throughout the year where our fully qualified solicitors will be in attendance to represent your interests and needs against any allegation made against you. We guarantee to be in attendance assuming possible when notified by the police that they are ready for interview. All our solicitors have the experience and expertise to advise you during this very important stage of your case.


    Robbery covers a multitude of different categories and can include stranger and acquaintance robberies, commercial robberies, carjackings, bank robberies, home invasions, street robberies or muggings. If you have been asked to attend a police station or are being held at a police station in relation to a robbery offence, then we can provide fast, in-person advice and representation. The police will conduct an interview with you to secure your account of the events. This information could then be used as evidence against you in court. We will advise you about your options, inform you about your rights and ensure that these are respected. Whatever the time of day or the nature of the robbery charge, we can give you the support you need when you need it.

    Murder & Manslaughter

    Murder and manslaughter are the two most serious criminal offences you can be accused of. With the potential for a life imprisonment sentence on conviction it is vital that you seek legal representation from a highly experienced criminal defence team such as Mandla Bhomra.
    Differentiating between murder and manslaughter can be very complex. The distinction between these crimes comes down to whether the death of an individual was caused intentionally, recklessly or accidently. Finding yourself being interviewed or charged in relation to a suspected murder or manslaughter can be highly distressing. If you find yourself in this serious position, it’s crucial that you have informed legal support from the beginning. We can provide calm, measured and knowledgeable advice and support throughout your time at the police station and beyond. If you find yourself being investigated for murder or manslaughter it’s important to have legal support in place as early as possible so that you fully understand your rights before police interviews commence.


    Finding yourself at the police station either charged or being questioned on an assault charge can be highly distressing. Assault is divided into three offences: common assault, actual bodily harm (ABH) and grievous bodily harm, with sentences varying accordingly. Sentences can go up to five years for ABH and GBH or 7 years if the offence was religiously or racially aggravated and legal support and advice are essential. Police station representation is vital to ensure that proper procedures are followed, that your options are fully explored and your rights are protected. Our police station representation service can be on hand day or night to help you navigate your time at the station as well as provide support through any subsequent legal proceedings if required.


    Harassment and stalking charges are increasing, meaning that more people are finding themselves being charged or investigated for these particular crimes. If you’re found guilty you may have to pay a fine, be sentenced to a term in prison or both. If no further legal action is to be taken then you may receive an informal harassment warning. If you find yourself in police custody or are being interviewed in relation to an alleged harassment offence it’s vital you receive legal support as early as possible. Police station representation from the team at Mandla Bhomra will ensure your rights are protected, due process is followed and your options are explained to you.


    Fraud charges can be complex and confusing and cover a multitude of different areas such as cyber fraud, identity fraud, money laundering and more. If you are being investigated for a fraud charge and are asked to attend a police station you should ensure that you have legal representation from the very beginning. Less sophisticated frauds can result in a sentence of anywhere between 6 months and 2 years. For a planned fraud that has been meticulously put together, penalties may be between 2- and 7 years imprisonment. In all cases, professional legal advice is essential. Our police station representatives will ensure that the details of the charge are adequately clear and explained, your options are outlined and your rights throughout are protected. We can also provide legal representation throughout any subsequent investigations or prosecution.

    Drugs Offences

    There are four main offences associated with illegal drugs: possession, supply, production and importation. Sentencing will reflect which of these offences you have been prosecuted for with possession of a Class A drug receiving a maximum of 7 years custody, an unlimited fine or both. For supply, production or importation you may receive a life sentence. If you find yourself being questioned or charged in relation to drug offences it’s vital that you have legal support as early in the process as possible. Police station representation will ensure that you are fully informed regarding your rights, that your options throughout the process are explained, and that due procedure is followed for however long you remain at the station. Ongoing legal support can also be provided if prosecution on drug offences follows.

    Money Laundering

    Investigations into money laundering offences are increasing, meaning that more people are finding themselves at the centre of those investigations. The category under which you may be prosecuted will depend on your level of culpability and subsequent harm caused by your actions. The most serious category 1 offences typically result in an 8-13 year sentence. If you are questioned as part of a money laundering investigation it’s vital that you have legal support in place from the beginning. Our police station representatives can provide urgent support and assistance to anyone under arrest, being detained or requested to attend the police station for an interview in relation to money laundering.

    Proceeds of Crime

    Many people inadvertently find themselves embroiled in the proceeds of crime investigations due to being judged to have failed to disclose money laundering they might be expected to have known about. The maximum sentence for a Proceeds of Crime Act conviction is 14 years for crimes valued at over £1 million. Proceeds of Crime Act sentencing varies depending on the amount of money ordered to be paid under the confiscation order. Because of the complexities of the crime, legal support is essential from the very beginning to increase your chances of a successful outcome. Anyone who has been arrested in relation to proceeds of crime investigation or who has been asked to attend a police station interview should immediately contact Mandla Bhomra for police station representation. We will ensure your rights are protected while explaining your options throughout the procedure.

    Cyber Crime

    Cybercrime is an umbrella term used to describe two distinct but linked ranges of criminal activity – cyber-dependent crimes such as hacking or cyber-attacks, and cyber-enabled crimes such as fraud and malicious communications. Cybercrime investigations frequently have a broad scope meaning that people may find themselves being questioned. If you are asked to attend a police station for questioning as part of a cybercrime investigation, then legal representation is essential. Our police station representation will ensure that due process is followed and that you are fully aware of your options. We will guide you through a challenging process and provide ongoing legal advice and support if it is required.


    The offence of blackmail is a statutory offence under section 21(1) of the Theft Act 1968 and carries a maximum sentence of 14 years imprisonment. A blackmail offence has four elements; a demand, made with menaces, the menaces are unwarranted, the menaces are made with a view to gain for himself or another or with intent to cause loss to another. If you find yourself being arrested or questioned in relation to a blackmail investigation it’s crucial that you have legal support in place as soon as possible. Our police station representation service will provide you with all the necessary support you need to make informed decisions while ensuring your rights are protected and due process is followed. We can also provide you with comprehensive legal support, advice and representation through any subsequent prosecution.

    Firearms Offences

    Firearms offences are serious crimes and may result in lengthy terms of imprisonment. A firearm is classified as any barrelled weapon that can discharge a bullet, missile or shot. Most firearms offences are based on the Firearms Act of 1968. Section 1 of the act clearly states that it’s a crime to possess a firearm or certain types of ammunition without holding a certificate. If you have been arrested or detained at a police station in relation to a firearms offence investigation it’s essential that you have legal support as soon as possible. Police station representation provides you with essential guidance through the interview process and can ensure your rights are protected and your options are explained. We make sure that due process is followed throughout. Every client is treated with the utmost respect and understanding through every step of the process.

    Sexual Offences

    There are over 50 offences included in the definitive guideline for the sentencing of sexual offences. These cover a wide range of acts and behaviours, all of which have individual sentencing consequences should an individual be found guilty. These can range from a fine to life imprisonment. Being arrested or interviewed in relation to sexual offences is incredibly serious and it’s essential that you have professional legal support in place as early as possible.
    Police station representation will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process and that you have a full understanding of your options. Professional legal support will help you through what is likely to be an extremely difficult period. We treat all our clients with respect and guarantee discretion throughout.

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